Useful links, Everyone's invited

:smiley: Hi everybody…Torsten posted a question,If we spend our time on internet efficiently?, :idea: that made me think that if we share the information we know,I mean, if we post useful links …that would be helpful not only to me but also to all of us,so if you have useful free links that you can share with us,in order to develope our English knowledge,please do not hesitate on posting them…

Thanks to all of you…
Cris :arrow:

Hi Cristina,

Sharing links is a good idea, what’s even better though is sharing information regarding those links. What I mean is, if everybody starts posting a dozen or so links then we soon will end up trying to be a competitor to Google.

That’s why we shouldn’t just post links but rather a review of a site we like. In your description you should explain why think this website is uself, how you found it, who owns and runs it, how often you use it and how.

So, how is this collection for starters:[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a bookstore sales clerk and a student[YSaerTTEW443543]

how about this website: … eplus.html
I open it everyday to get medical news, it is very useful and you can go to health topic to find any information which you want to know,
another one os WHO avian flu webiste, it is good to know H5N1,

Thanks for your answers :smiley: ,Torsten you are right a comment is a good idea, the link you wrote is great,I entered in all those web pages and is great to know that we have lots of tools that help us develope our skills,also is a great opportunity to meet new people,new customs,etc.Nami about the link you wrote I find it interesting specially for Doctors or if you want to learn more about an illness you or a member of your family has,Thanks…
Hope to hear from you soon Cris.