used to /would?

Hello again!
In your opinion, which solution is the correct one:
He …me to the first game when I was only 6.( used to take /would take )?
I know that ‘used to’ is used for a repeated action in the past which doesn’t happen any longer in the present but it seems to me that ’ would’ has the same meaning.
Could somebody make me understand the difference between these words?

They both share that use. Here I would probably choose “used to,” which I suspect is more common for that use. There is no good reason I would make that choice, though.

Hi Antonella,

As you say ‘used to’ covers the repeated action and obviously fits here. ‘Would’ again suggests repeated action but it has a literary flavour or a sentimental and nostalgic tone when you refer to something that happened in the past. Talking for example of someone who is no longer alive but you remember in an emotional way, you could say; Do you recall the old chap who lived next door to us when we were children? Do you remember how he would always try and make a joke whenever he saw us?




I guess this sentence is not very specific, but should ‘used to’ or ‘would’ be used here at all?
I think ‘‘the first game’’ happend/took place only once – it was not an action that happend continuously/frequently during a period in the past.


Hi Cristina,

You have a point - I am just assuming that ‘first game’ is some sort of regular pattern or in different places. Who knows?