use of what/how

  1. How many mark question is it? or it should be
    What mark question is it?
    2)He has gone in the vicinity. (Is this grammatically correct)
  2. What is the word used when in a hip-hop dance some spins round into the air with his head on ground.

Hi, Hardwork. I’m not sure what you intend to say in No. 1, so I can’t help. I can tell you that the sentence is not comprehensible as written. The second is correct. I would call No. 3 a head spin, using my less-than-expert understanding of break dancing.

1)-In the first question I’m talking about marks in a question paper eg The question was for eleven marks.If i want to ask question in this regard so what should it be,What mark question is it ? or
How many mark question is it.
2) IN 3rd sentence can I day -
He did a head spin for contionus 5 mins.
He spinned his head for continously 5mins.
(are they grammatically correct)

Hi, Hardwork. Are marks the same as points in grading? Maybe I’m missing the obvious here. If my instincts are correct, I have a solution. Your sentences still do not work, however. How many points/marks is the question worth? What is the point/mark value of the question? What is the grade value of the question?

I am not used to “mark” for “points.” I am used to “mark” as a synonym for a letter grade, the end results. Ninety points is the minimum for the highest mark/grade, A.

He did a head spin for five minutes. He did a five-minute head spin.

I don’t really see any value to “continuous” here. If he is still on the same head spin, he cannot have stopped, started and added all the individual pieces together for a total of five minutes.