Use of walk-through for an application

We use one software application -app1.
Another new engineer joined on my team. Using our application, I have to show the workflow (example, starting with login, ending with creating a new email account).

What is correct and casual saying:

I had him walk-through app1 ?
I walked him through app1 ?
I gave demo to him for app1?


  1. β€œI walked him through app1”.

This is the simplest form and probably the best pick.

  1. β€œI had him walk through app1.”

When you say you had him do it, that means he did it himself. You might have showed him how to do it, but he did it himself.
( Note that walk through is not hyphenated. You need the verb form here. Walk-through is the noun form. )

  1. β€œI gave demo to him for app1”?

β€œI gave him a demo of app1” is a better way of saying it. Giving a him a demo implies that it was brief, whereas the first two imply that it’s more thorough.


Thanks for the elaborate reply, and also for your time!

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You have three good sentences, each staring with β€œI”. Another approach might be β€œWe did a walk-through of app1.”


Thanks for the reply!
In my context, β€˜we’ did not walk through, I walked him through App1.
Your suggestion does not suit here!

So, this tells others what I did for that day, as part of my Job.
If I did not do anything, they won’t pay or they may even fire me!

Point 2:
There is a big gap between Reality and Theory - This applies to everything in the world!
In theory, especially in IT, there is a saying that - Always use we - instead of I - However, that won’t suit to my context.