Use of "the" in "the import of some goods" and "the trad

There was also news that the Government would restrain the import of some goods, including construction steel, to curb the trade deficit.
I am not sure about the use of "the"s in the sentence above.
I think the first one is used to mean some specific goods but I don’t see they are metioned in the report.
Is the second one used to mean trade deficit in construction steel?

I think the mere fact that it says “… of some goods” is enough specificity to justify the definite article. (Actually, I think in that sentence I would use “importation” rather than “import”.)

I understand “the trade deficit” to refer to the country’s overall deficit in all goods. Because there is only one, and we know which one it is, we use “the”.

Thanks, Dozy!

I want to ask you more about this.
If “some goods” isn’t mentioned anywhere in the report and only the writer know what are these goods, then is it correct to use the definite article?


It is also not impossible to drop the article and use “import(ation)” as an uncountable noun, though in that case “importation” sounds better to me than “import”.

“an import(ation) of some goods” sounds like a single instance of importation, which is not what is meant.