Use of "Schadenfreude"


I would like to know if the word “Schadenfreude” is an active part of your vocabulary. How often do you come across it? Could you please use it in a sentence for me?


PS I like its meaning. :shock:

Hi Tom

The word Schadenfreude came to English directly from German. I now live in Germany, so I’m really likely to come across it. :lol:

I’d say some people in the US know what that word means, but it’s not really an “everyday” word in English.
Schadenfreude and the Democrats

On account of recent political scandals involving Republicans, the Democrats have been feeling lots of schadenfreude lately.
[size=84](You don’t have to look at the whole website above, I just thought the start page illustrated Schadenfreude quite effectively.)[/size] 8)