Use of rather

Hey guys
Well, I never used this forum before
I hope this is the right section to ask about it

Well, I have doubts about the use of rather…

I asked 3 people and 1 said something and the other 2 said he was wrong… Like this:

-The first said ‘I’d rather going to school by bus’ is right

The other 2 said it was wrong and that these 2 phrases below were right:

-I’d rather get going to school by using the bus
-I’d rather go to school by bus

Also, I have doubts about:
-I’d rather wear black to white
-I’d rather wear black than white
-I’d rather using black to white

Which one is right?

I’d like to know how to use rather correctly, if you guys could gimme some clues for it, I’d be really glad.
Sorry if I said anything wrong, but I’m still learning English

I think ‘than’ but not ‘to’ should follow ‘rather’ and a verb should be applied after it but not a gerund. So only the second sentence is correct among the three.

Yes, these are right:

-I’d rather go to school by bus
-I’d rather wear black than white

Remember that you can’t use “I’d rather” followed by the “-ing” form of the main verb.

“I’d rather” is a contraction of “I would rather”. “Would” is a modal verb, so you have to use the base form of the next verb.

So it would be, “I’d rather go,” and NOT, “I’d rather going.”

And, “I’d rather use,” and NOT, “I’d rather using.”