Use of "otherwise conjunction"

hi!i have the problem dealing with this cojunction most specially in this word ''Otherwise"this part of conjunction i normally heard used in giving instruction.If i say"You have to go to school otherwise you will miss the quizzes."onother one “you should take the shortcut its traffic on the main road otherwise.” its sound awkward to me i dont know.pls. torsten or anybody send your comments or suggestions how to use this correctly in a sentence.Thank you all God bless you!

The usage of “otherwise” in your two examples appears to be correct.

Otherwise is used to present an alternative situation. First, a situation is given where A happens, such as:
“you must go to school”.
Then, a situation where B happens, such as:
“you will find it hard to get a decent job”.

The speaker wants to tell you that B will happen, if A is not true. “You must go to school; otherwise you will find it hard to get a decent job.”

He presents two alternatives, but only one of them can happen: if A does not happen, B will happen. The word “otherwise” is used to mark the second alternative. Usually, in warnings and exhortations, the sentence or clause containing “otherwise” represents the less desirable alternative. You could replace “otherwise” with "if the previous situation is not true, which is bad, ".

PS I’d appreciate it if you used proper interpunction, spaces, and capitals. The way your question is presented now, it is much more difficult to understand it.

hi cerberus, I received your prompt reply about my topic and it send a clear message through my mind.Now i already know how i’m gonna use it in the future conversation to anybody.You made my mind clear out of confusion to this conjunction.Thank you and God bless you!