Use of 'MANY alternatives': Who does Usage Panel consist of?


(Sorry if my question is not relevant to this forum’s section.)

alternative n.
a. The choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities.
b. A situation presenting such a choice.
c. Either of these possibilities. See Synonyms at ‘choice’.

Of course, I know that ‘There are many alternatives.’ is in use. In usage…
As a matter of fact. Just because. Etc.

But my question is about this:


I’m not a linguist and not aware of the tradition of such kind of language validation (Usage techniques).

Could you comment a bit that Usage Panel and the ‘pass mark’ value (should it be 50% + 1? :)).
How is that ‘unacceptable to n%’ obtained (in general case)? By interviewing? Polling? :?

Do you use ‘many alternatives’? :slight_smile:

Yes, I use ‘many alternatives’.

I am not aware of the precise criteria for their statistics, but if you search the source site, you may find some information on this matter. The Usage Panel themselves are listed HERE.

Thank you, Mister Micawber, for the answer.

…You perhaps mean that each dictionary just has its own Usage Panel (of experts)?

I don’t know that they all have usage panels. The only one I’ve noticed on the internet is the American Heritage Dictionary’s, which is the one you quoted (the Free Dictionary quotes from other sources).

Now I’ve found the reference… a bit below of what I had quoted :slight_smile:

Sorry my inattention and this careless question… :oops: