Use of "left" as the passive voice

When can I use “left” as the passive voice.

I have seen some sentences like - We are left with no money/water/ no help/ more jobs/ more stress - what are the meaning of these types of sentences? please help

We don’t have any money/water, etc.

Of course OTS is correct, but it also has an extra nuance, beyond just “We don’t have…”, impying that something has happened to remove, exhaust or deprive you of the stated thing.*

*That’s for “left with no…” of course. Cases without “no”, like “left with a big problem”, “left with huge debts”, have the same sense that the state described is a result of some event or process.

Thank you! However, sometimes I have seen my teachers saying - How many chapters are we left with? What does it mean? Is it right to say in this way?

Yes, that seems acceptable, and means much the same as “How many chapters do we have left?” or “How many chapters are (there) left?”.

“left (with)” has the sense of “remaining to read / work through”, i.e. implying that you have already completed some of the chapters.