Use of in/on/at during a technical conversation (Computers&stuff)

Hi guys! I would to receive any recommendation about the correct use of ‘on’, ‘in’ or ‘at’ whent talking about technical stuff.
For example, when I want to say that some data is contained in a server…should I say. “I found some logs IN the server” or “I found some logs file ON the server”.

Another case is when I use the verb “log in”. Do I have to use always “I logged in a server” or can I use “I logged on a server”?

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

“I found some logs on a server”
“I found some log files on a server”
I prefer “I logged on to a server”, though “logged in to” is not wrong. In some other cases, such as “logged in/on to my account”, I think “in” and “on” are equally acceptable.

(“some logs file” is wrong, but probably you just made a typo.)

Hi Dozy, thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it :). I use these sentences on daily basis at work and now I won’t make the same mistakes :p.

Can I write “I logged (on to)/(in to) a server.” as “I logged (onto)/(into) a server.”?

In my opinion that is inferior.

What is the difference between “on to” and “onto”?
What is the difference between “in to” and “into”?
Please explain with examples.

If you search Google for difference between onto and on to, you will find quite a bit of discussion about this.