Use more with less


You may find it a bit strange–but could we use more with less to intensify the meaning of less?

1- This was the death of his second friend. Now he has one
more less friend.

How about further less?


These two comparatives (more and less) are not used together in English. You would have to say: Now he has one less friend. Yet to better convey your idea I would say: Now he has lost one more friend or he has lost yet another friend.

The same applies to further and less in this context.

Hi Conchita

The sentence given above was said one the death of his first friend :frowning: . How to strengthen less on the death of his second friend? :?: Please see below.

1- Now he has one-----------less friend.
(further, more what??)

Could you please fill in the blank for me?


Your first explanation was quite clear.

I still think you’d better say:

He has lost yet another friend.

(My addition and your second post crossed!)