Use do or does during my speech or to make question: How can I use them?

If iwant to use Do or does during my speech or to make question , How can i use them ? in another way : which category i have to follow it ? because we have other tenses in english like : did , and also we have Wh- qs . how can deffrenciate between them ?

Use ‘do/does’ for yes/no questions about present situations: ‘Do you agree with me?’
Use ‘did’ for yes/no questions about past situations: ‘Did you agree with me last night?’
Use WH- questions for both situations: ‘Why do you agree with me?’ ‘Why did you agree with me last night?’

Thank you very much Mr. Micawber . I have understood your explanation . I am going to bother you by another question . Now , we have many tenses in Eng. 1- past simple 2 - present simple they are too easy i understand them but the other tenses for example ( present perfect continuous ) In which way or when I have to use it , or how I use it during my speaking with other person ?

Q2 - you are language coach , are not you ? what I want to say , what does it mean ( language coach ) ? is it like the word ( trainer)

From now I am going to call you my teacher . Good bye your student : Faiz

Hello Fiaz,

As you say, there are many different tenses, aspects and voices in English, as in other languages. I think you should first review them at a website like THIS ONE or THIS ONE.

Yes, I am a coach or trainer. I converse with students who wish to learn and practice their English, and lead them in activities to improve their ability.

And how does that role differ from that of a “language teacher”?

teacher=traditional school instructor who is often addressed with ‘sir’
coach/trainer=initiator of stimulating situations for learners

In which century, Ralf?