Usage of Who, Whom

Dear members,

Please advise whether the use of whom in the sentence below is correct or not?

“Would you mind sharing the list of candidates whom attended the recent interviews”.



You need ‘who’ because that is the subject of the verb ‘attended’.


Hi, Alan!
Don’t you think you should have explained when to use ‘who’ and ‘whom’?
I also have a question.
Whom did you give it to?
To whom did you give it?
Which one is correct? I think the former, but I am not absolutely confident when using it. Thanks!


Yes, point taken! You could take a look at some material I’ve written for the site on relative pronouns:

Grammar Lesson: Relative Pronoun

and if you go to the following pages 22 and 23, you’ll see a story I’ve written using the relative pronouns.


If I write “Give me the list of the members whom I laid of !” and it refers to the predicate it’s correct, right?
thx in advance. I have many problems with “who” and “whom” that’s why I ask :slight_smile: