Usage of the word "apparently"

Here are some lines from TV drama, “Friends”.

Ross and Chandler met a big tough-looking bully at their favorite cafe and
were told not to come to the cafe again by the bully.
As they just didn’t want to cave in to such bullying,
they came the cafe again nervously.
Luckily, the bully was not there but they ran into the bully
when they just got out of the cafe.

A bully : “Did we not make ourselves clear the other day?”
Ross: “That’s why we’re here.”
Chandlar: "Yes, we’re standing our ground…apparently.

Question: What does this “…apparently” mean?
I think two interpretations ( or more?) are possible in this situation.
What do you think which is correct and tell me why you think so?

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  1. Chandler shows some bravery but actually he is very frightened, so
    “apparently” means “…it seems like that but I am not sure”

  2. He just makes some joke,
    “As you see, we are physically standing on the ground now…”


I think #1

Thank you for your reply.

I actually thought #2 was correct.

Because the word “apparently” sounds to
describe something or somebody appears
or looks “visually”. Doesn’t it?

Well, you wrote: “when they just got out of the cafe”, so they weren’t in it at the time of speaking. Anyway, there is no way to be sure without seeing the scene; I was just guessing based on my knowledge of the characters.

No, they are not IN the cafe, but on the street in front of it.
As they walk, the bully comes to them from the opposit.
So this conversation was done on the street, on the sidewalk specifically.

I know what you mean by saying it is hard to say without seeing the
dorama. But it is good to hear you saying the #2 is still possible interpretaion
depending on the situation.

Thanks! 8)