Usage of the verb 'crib'

Here in India, I have heard people use the verb ‘crib’ to mean complain/gripe.

For example, they would say, “She’s always cribbing about the food in our canteen.”

But I have never seen it being used in that sense in any of the English movies/books.

Is it correct to use it that way?

I’ve never heard a native speaker use the word “crib” that way. Are you sure they’re not saying “gripe”?

I am sure it’s crib. And you know what…I really don’t think they will listen to me even if I try to correct them. :slight_smile:

I cannot find ‘crib’ in the prominent Anglo-Indian dictionaries on-line.

I remember reading this this discussion about the misue of the word crib in Pakistan.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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