Usage of that and those

Please tell me which sentence is correct .

“Elephants that are found in Africa are huge .”


“Elephants those are found in Africa are huge.”

I think " those are found in Africa " is correct, because Elephants is plural .
Many people say" that " is correct .

Please tell me the correct sentence.

Thanks in Advance

The first is correct. It would be improved by the word “The” at the beginning.

Thanks a lot for reply Erik .

But I am still confused , because elephants is plural .(I am not able to understand some basic such an easy concept :frowning:

Please help!

Demonstrative pronoun:
those/these plural
that/this singular

Relative pronoun:
that plural and singular
who plural and singular
which plural and singular

that (there is no number)

Cerberus, I am also confused with this stuff, can you enumerate it in examples?

Demonstrative pronoun:
I like those/these girls over there/here.
Why is that/this girl still crying?
(These and this are used when something is closer to the speaker, those and that for farther away.)

Relative pronoun:
Parrots that ask questions should be fried and eaten. (for things or persons)
Your mother, who eats parrots, is rather silly. (for persons)
I like red books, which are easier to spot. (for things)

I told her that I was not happy to see her.

This is by no means a complete overview; Google for pages on the different pronouns.