Usage of "suds"


Could you tell me which sentences sound ok?

  1. I’m done working for today, let’s hit the suds.
  2. Who’s up for the suds after work?
  3. Are we still on for the suds this sunday evening?


I guess 2.
Is it all about beer here?

Hi Dean,

I suppose any of them could be used (with my corrections). I’m not sure how often people refer to beer as ‘suds’, but I do know it is in use. My feeling is that men are more likely than women to refer to beer as ‘suds’. And Sunday evening would not be the most typical evening to go out for beer – unless there’s some big game on TV which can be watched at the bar. lol

Beer has other nicknames as well: brew, brewski and cold one (among others).

[size=75]“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger[/size]

Hello Amy,

Thanks a lot!
Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ve developed a hankering for a cold one. Lol.

Yeah, that’s what I had in mind when I wrote the sentences.