Usage of 'so': I'm going to your home, so i need your address.

When the word “so” is used, does it mean you are creating 2 independent clauses? If it is, then a comma must be placed before the word. I’m not really sure, please help.

For example

I’m going to your home, so i need your address
Please give me your address, so i can take it look at the map

Is a comma necessary before the word?

Yes, so is a COORDINATING CONJUNCTION, so it is preceded by a comma.

thanks. but i’ve never seen anyon put a comma in the following examples

“give me your number, so that i can call you”

“call me, so i’ll have your number”

i’m starting to wonder if there are situations in which i don’t have to have a comma before “so”

So is a coordinating conjunction and is preceded by a comma; so that is a subordinating conjunction and does not take a comma. In the latter case, ‘that’ is sometimes elided.