usage of "plod" in the sense of "work"


Could you tell me if these sentences are natural to you and used a lot in your neck of the woods, please:


They’re fine.

Hi Alex,

They sound familiar to me and suggest doing a job/piece of work in a steady, methodical, slow way coming from the idea of a farm horse pulling a cart. There is also the noun ‘plodder’ describing that sort of person. The expression is: Poor old George - he’s a bit of a plodder but in the end he gets the job done.


I hear ‘plod’ used far more often than ‘dissemble’, Alex. ‘Plod’ is used with a variety of other words. For example: plod along, plod through, plod to, plod away, plod on.

Hi, Alan and Amy and Molly

Many thanks for your replies !

Comparing apples and oranges there, Amy?

I’m beginning to think you need some serious remedial English instruction, Molly. Whatever your problem is, I wish you all the best in finding a cure.

Now what has that got to do with your errors in judgement regarding linguistic advice? What use is “I hear ‘plod’ used far more often than ‘dissemble’,” to any of us, Amy?

Alex asked about frequency of use. Surely you don’t think his question about whether the word is ‘used a lot’ has no connection whatsoever with frequency of use.

He also asked about the word ‘dissemble’ today.

It seems to bother you that native speakers of English know something about English that you don’t know.

Now was that the point of my question to you, Amy? C’mon!

Like, ‘there’s only one form and it is “on second thought”’? LOL! I got where I am today, in part, because of native-speakers who thought for a moment before advising and who often doubted their own intuitions.

Quite often the only “point” I see in your posts is a desire to disagree – no matter what.
It often seems that you are simply arguing with yourself.

Some of your answers as well as your massive reliance on Google and the BNC make it clear to me that you don’t know nearly as much about English as you’d like to have people think.

And your excuse is?

You’re arguing with yourself, Molly.

And you are often staring at your navel.

Hi, Molly

Why are you always trying to pick a fight with native speakers? Is it because you’re jealous that they can speak English better than you do? Your last comments were completely beside the point and you know it.
C’mon, don’t be jealous, we learn as we live and to acquire a high level of proficiency in English you need to spend a lot of years working hard. I have come to terms with that.

Hey, go back and look where they’ve picked fights with me, and with some other nonnatives. There’s another one kicking off right now:

You need to read more carefully and with less bias, Lost Soul.