Usage of page and pages


Is the following sentence correct? I am confused about the word ‘pages’. I know that I could use ‘page 5’ as a proper noun, without requiring any article, but I am not sure about the word ‘pages’.

[color=blue]Can you please replace pages 5 and 6 in the old document with those I provided earlier?



Due to notional concord in number, yes. But it’d be more correct to use the singular of ‘page’ here.

Why do you think it’s more correct? Are you thinking that 5 and 6 are printed back-to-back on the same sheet of paper? Even so, it’s two pages, but one sheet.

Also, Musicgold says “with those” not “with the one” so the plural seems to carry through.

What does your feeling tell you, Barb?

‘Can you please replace page[color=green]s 5 and 6?’

‘Can you please replace page 5 and 6?’

I don’t think it’s wrong to use a notional concord here. The family are not always right.