Usage of 'Once a week', 'Twice a month', etc...

Hi there

Is it ok to say the following sentences

I visited him once a week. or twice a day
I visited her three times a month.
I only saw my father once a year
How many episodes did the ‘Dynasty’ crew produce a week?


Hi Cerberus,

So the following question would also be fine:

How many times a day did you visit her?
How many times a week did you see him?

Somehow I knew I was right except for that last sentence, so that would be

How many episodes a week did the ‘Dynasty’ crew produce?

How much wine a day did he drink? Is that fine too? (Sounds a bit odd, I would rather say: How many bottles/glasses of wine a day did he drink?/ Sound odd too.)

Thanks for your answers

On second thought, “a week” doesn’t need to be close to the number of times; it just sounded better in that sentence (I don’t know why), although the position you gave it was fine as well. All of your sentences are fine, including “how much wine a day did he drink?”. In fact, “how much wine did he drink a day?” sounds slightly better perhaps, but it doesn’t really matter.