Usage of 'mind +ing' (Would you mind ... it again?)


in the sentence:

Would you mind ___ it again ?


i1 - “explaining” is correct. Am I right??
i2- Is there any situation where mind + to infinitive is correct, as “to explain” inthis case

Thanks in advance !!


‘Explaining’ is fine. As for ‘mind+to’, I don’t know of any construction like that. It is possible to say: I am minded to do that or I have a mind to do that, meaning that is my intention.


Yes, that is correct.

Saying “I have a mind to do something” would be possible in American English too. As Alan mentioned, that means “I have the intention to do something”.

However, saying “I am minded to do something” would sound odd in the US, and I’d say it would be misunderstood here. That expression is apparently used primarily in the UK.

Hi again,

What about this sentence?

I don’t mind you ___ my car

Which is correct: “to use” or “using”

If I understood it should be “using” Am I right??

Thanks again !!!

Hi Jon

Right, ‘using’ is correct.