Usage of "fond of"

Is this sentence OK! or a bit odd.

I was fond of knowing what his life is like.

If not, please revise it.

I meant " I really liked to know about his biography" by that sentence.
or " I had heard about him a lot and over the years I had grown very fond of …"
What about this one?

Since I had been very fond of reading his biography, I searched on the internet and I found something about his life.

Are these pattern right? :
to be verb+ fond of + something
be + fond of + doing + something

Hi Richard,

to be honest, I don´t have a clue whether English natives would ever express that feeling llike you did. But to me it sounds as it is a bit weak emotion. Similar to I´d like to know …but not knowing it doesn´t any matter, too.
A stronger one would “be keen on knowing…” or “I´m eager to learn how he lives!”

Anyway, it depends on your inquisitiveness.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for providing me with some alternatives. I know them. Maybe I have an inquisitive mind. :smiley:
which one is stronger:
fond of/keen/eager/like/love/adore
I know the usages of them are different.

hi Richard,

albeit I´d guess adore the strongest one I don´t believe that one can adore to do something since adore needs a passive subject.

Against what being fond of/being keen on/being eager to/ like to/love to can refer to some action. For instance: I´m keen on kissing my girl-friend…I´m eager to learn about your girl-friend…I like/love to play/playing the piano.

At least as I ve got it.


Btw, there is nothing wrong with healthy inquisitiveness. :slight_smile:

Howdy…Thanks Michael, you gave me a hint.
I researched, there are many rules…for those words.

she was adored by her ex-husband.
I simply adore green.

I’m quite fond of her b[/b].
be fond of something or doing something.
love/like doing something or love/like to do something.
[b]Keen/b on doing something or Keen to do something
[b]Eager/b to do something
and as you know there are more:
interested in/be crazy about/be mad about…/be attached to/have a passion for/be addicted to/think the world of somebody/dote on/be devoted to…
Regards, Richard