Usage of Ever more

Hi everybody

I’ve just knowed that evermore means always but can we use it freely like always.
eg. I evermore get up at 6 o’clock

Please give me some uses of evermore

Hi Jupiter,

By the way I’ve changed your question - the past participle of know is known but I think learnt fits better here.

Back to your question. You can’t use that word (actually two words ever more) in your sentence because it means for ever and ever in the sense of for always. We talk of love lasting for ever more. We can also use it to strengthen an adjective as in: It is becoming ever more difficult to prevent conflict in parts of the world. It has a strong emotive connotation.


Thank Alan

It’s very fast and helpful.
so ever more means for ever, right?
eg. He loves her for ever more.



Just one point: in your sentence you need to indicate a future idea unless you’re using the historic present as in a story. This would then become: He will love her for ever more.