Usage of 'congratulations'

Can someone please tell me if the following setences are OK?

Congratulations Jacob on winning the Best Performer Award

Congratulations Jacob on the Best Performer Award


It would seem better to add a verb here like ‘on winning’ or ‘on getting’. Possibly if you want to omit a verb, you could say:

Congratulations Jacob on YOUR Best Performer Award.


Hi Alan,
Do you agree that in a broader context where the speakers know exactly what is being referred, we can use ‘the’ instead of a possessive adjective?

Tom: Paul, do you know Marry has just won the Best Performer Award?
Later Paul met Marry and said to her:
Marry, congratulations on the award/the Best Performer Award.


I think if you are talking to the winner, I would personalize it a bit, don’t you?


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