Usage of "coming through"


What does ‘coming through’ in the following sentence mean, ‘coming to’?

[color=darkblue]I didn’t have time to look at the book long because people were coming through my apartment.



It’s hard to say why people were ‘coming through the apartment’ without more context, but it sounds as if the person was planning to rent out his apartment and had made one or more appointments with various people to come and look at it. Those people would walk around and look at all of the rooms in the apartment in order to decide if they wanted to rent it. Without any further context, that’s what I understand ‘coming through’ to mean.

Isn’t this the original?

“I had a brand new television set. It was like picture in picture but it was also screen sensitive so I could change channels by touching the screen in specific places. There were soap operas and comedy shows on when I looked at it. I didn’t have time to look at it long though because people were coming through my apartment like it was a major hallway and sitting down and counseling with each other. I didn’t have any privacy at all.”

The teller is relating a dream. In the dream he/she had an apartment, but the apartment was also his/her place of work. The apartment had no door and people kept coming in and going out or going through (coming/travelling through) uninvited.

The dream continues:

"My front door had been removed and it was at least triple-wide much more than double-wide. I could see it used to have a door, so I asked what seemed to be my manager who looked like Tony Robbins, the enthusiastic entrepreneur and motivator. He told me I could have a door hung but it couldn’t touch the floor. I told him that was fine, just so I could shut it to thru-traffic."

“Thru-traffic” refers to people walking in, out and through the dreamer’s apartment/office.

thanks folks.