Usage of 'check out'

I went to the showroom to check out if there are any new cars in the market.

Can someone please tell me if the above sentence is correct?

I would say “to check whether there are” or “to check and see if there are”, or just “to see if there are”.

“To check out if” doesn’t sound right.

Thanks a lot, Jamie!

English is getting tougher for me everyday :frowning: There are many such expressions I have been wrongly using with if structure. For example,

Can you please confirm if there are any more changes required?

I learnt that the above sentence is wrong too. Can you think of any more such expressions?

It may be wrong, but plenty of native speakers say it, and I may have used it too. You can correct it just by changing “if” to “whether”.

Whether there were any new cars.