usage of "center"

Anybody knows if there are any rules regulating usage of the word “center” in names of organizations?
For example, which of the variants is more correct:
Center for Identification Systems
Identification System Center?

The Center is a public enterprise dealing with software development and research.

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I think, in the meaning of ‘enterprise’, it would be better to use Centre at the end. (the latter: Identification System Center)

Center for Identification Systems
This would normally be a center that studies and develops identification systems. They make them, and that’s where you can get them.

Identification System Center
This sounds like a center where something is used or implemented. In other words, there the identification system has already been developed somewhere, and it’s operated at this center.


Center for X is usually a place where X is studied, researched and developed.

X Center is usually a place where X is implemented.

Center for Nutrition - This would be a nutrition research center.

Nutrition Center - This would be a place where people can get the right food.

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I surmised there must be some difference…

Yes, useful information.

study center
center for studies
center for studying


This is a place where students go to study, i.e., do their homework.

This usually takes the form of “center for X studies”:

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
(Where research is done on the Middle East)

Center for Nonproliferation Studies
(Where they research methods of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons)

An oddball foreigner collocation.

Not really:

Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC)
Center for Studying and Safeguarding the Intangible Heritage of Belarussians.

As I said, an odd foreign-sounding collocation. I don’t care where they’re located.

Center for Researching Athletic Performance

…also known as CRAP.


You didn’t say foreign-sounding, you said it was foreign.

And do you mean “foreign to English” or " foreign to your shores"?

Now that would be an acronym. Well done!

Oh, stop being obnoxious. You know what I meant.

Oh, stop being obnoxious. You know what I meant.

Sorry, but I don’t.

Is this in a foreign place?

Center for Studying Health System Change
600 Maryland Ave, SW #550
Washington, DC 20024


And downtown at New York University, Ireland House is about to be established as a center for studying contemporary Irish culture and politics. … atch=exact

Center for studying Parkinson’s Disease

Are once more working from your limited knowledge of English in America, Jamie? Maybe it’s Chinglish, eh? :lol: