usage of "alert"

“The academic office [color=blue]alerted English department chair [color=blue]of its poorest attendance. ”

This is written by one of my colleagues, who is also a non-native speaker of

I understand that some of the verbs have “ Verb+ Noun + of ” pattern, such as “inform sb. of”, “warn sb. of”, “ assure sb. of”, etc. I have consulted several dictionaries including Longman dictionary, Cambridge dictionary, and Oxford dictionary, but none of them indicates that “alert” has such a verb pattern. I wonder whether the word “alert” was correctly used in the above sentence.

Your help would be highly appreicated.

The pattern for the verb “alert” is Verb + Noun + to.

…alert somebody to something

“The academic office alerted [color=blue]the English department chair [color=red]to its poorest attendance.”