US oil giant Chevron fined $8.6bn (£5.3bn) for polluting Amazon region

Chevron fined for Amazon pollution by Ecuador court

Maria Eugenia Briceno lives in the area affected by the pollution

A court in Ecuador has fined US oil giant Chevron $8.6bn (£5.3bn) for polluting a large part of the country’s Amazon region.

The oil firm Texaco, which merged with Chevron in 2001, was accused of dumping billions of gallons of toxic materials into unlined pits and Amazon rivers.

Campaigners say crops were damaged and farm animals killed, and that local cancer rates increased.

Condemning the ruling as fraudulent, Chevron said it would appeal.

The company will also have to pay a 10% legally mandated reparations fee, bringing the total penalty to $9.5bn (£5.9bn).

  1. Who will make Chevron pay?

  2. Is it possible Ecuador is trying to bilk the US, that this is horsesh1t?

Two things to consider…

That´s the way Oil and Gas drillng companies make huge profit. First they plunder natural resources by using water mixed up with chemicals and toxin which partly also come back to the surface, nuclear poisened, too, since there is a natural radioactivity down in the depth. As a regeneration were quite expensive they simply pour it into rivers or even sale that as fertilizer not caring for the effect on the environment. When caught they usually disclaim their guilt and after investigations have proven they were guilty denying a fine.

[i]This is how many Oil and Gas drillng companies make huge profits First they plunder the natural resources using a mixture of toxic chemicals and water. Unfortunately a lot of this mixture comes back up to the surface as a radioactive poison due to the levels of natural radiation at such a depth. As disposing of this material properly is quite expensive it is often simply poured into rivers or even sold as fertilizer with a total disregard for the environment.

When caught they often dress up as women with pillar box red lipstick and hang around on street corners smoking long cigarettes and blowing huge smoke rings.[/i]

Oh, Jamie, thanx for correction.

Do the ladies also refuse to pick up the used condomes and dispose them???

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Ladies? - They may be a lot of things - but ladies isn’t one of them.:slight_smile:

Elderly - is generally people only (not objects)try - “Its quite an old Photograph” - You could even use the term “vintage” (like wine)
Even as an adjective I think its also people only

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age bracket; age group; cohort (a group people having approximately the same age)

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come on, Jamie , don´t be so nitpicking. Tell us what has bitten you.
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The same problem happens in “real life” Michael

When someone(non native speaker) makes mistakes and those mistakes aren’t corrected they often(wrongly) assume that they aren’t making mistakes.

German people mostly ignored my mistakes :frowning:

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Ha ha , Jamie, as you can see here, German people is a very polite and patient people. They don´t always point on your mistakes, but accept you with all the mistakes you might make:-:slight_smile:

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