Urgently require a very good name for My company Annual day

Hi All,

Pls suggest me a good and special name which can be used for my Company Annual Day celebration. While selecting the name, the aspect to keep in mind is that it should reflect the Innovation, collaboration, agility, joy and excitement.


How can we effectively do that when we know nothing about your company or the type of celebration you have in mind?

I suggest you have a go at offering some names and await the reaction.

I need a name which should convey the meanings of Innovation, collaboration, agility, joy and excitement.

Kindly help me on this as soon as possible. Awaiting yours valuable feedback on this

You will have to help before we can help you.
As I said:
we don’t know what your company does or what sort of company it is;
we don’t know what sort of event you are planning.
As Alan suggested:
a sensible approach would be if you were to put forward some suggestions first. We can take these as a starting point.

Hello Beeesneees,

Mine is one software developing company, which provides marketing solution to Mobile operators. This coming 20th our company celebrating its 5th Annual day celebration. Last year was very good for company as well as for us. It enters into the global market and captured big deals with operator all over the world. As compared to Previous annual day celebrations, the coming will be a grand one, because of the the Growth. Company has achieved this with its great innovation & collaboration. Hence the company event name has to reveal everything like innovation, collaboration, agility, joy and excitement.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation on this.

Pls do help me…

You haven’t told us the name of your company, told us what the annual day entails or given suggestions yourself.