Urban life vs Village life: Could anyone give the feedback in this essay

It is fact that the world is becoming urbanized day by day. In almost every country in the world, the tendency is rapidly increasing to move from village to big cities or in urban area. In my country, even though it is developing country the urban population has been increased from twenty percentages to fifty percentages with in a ten year. This trend echoes with my preference for living and working in urban area rather than village area. My view based basically in three perspectives: educational facilities, career opportunities and availability of the basic and essential services.

Education plays a vital role in people’s life that is why most of the people devoted at least one third of his life for education. It is starting from the kindergarten to end at university level. Even some of the people spend all of their life after that for education especially scientists and researchers. Generally, in the village area there is one public school which serves for the small and local communities. They don’t have the choice. While looking my home area, there are almost ten high schools including the private sector’s school. These private schools provide the high and standard level education with modern facilities. There are also large number of college and universities in one city, which rarely found in village area. People of the urban area can enhance the knowledge and skill from these universities from their home. These educations are the gateway for their future careers.

The second prominent factor is opportunities for the jobs and professional careers. The likelihood to get the appropriate jobs for each individual is higher in town area as compared to the village. There are large number of companies, business organizations, nation and state offices and other institutions. The potentiality to get the jobs is to much higher in this area. For example the university near my home has 400 employees including the professor to the lower level manual workers.

The third and essential factor is availability of the basic services. These services are easily available in the urban area. There is large number of hospitals, nursing homes and other private clinics are easily available in each part of the city. It is one of the essential services If one has some problem in his health. I had very bad experienced in this issue. One of my relative who was living in my native village was died because of the simple case of cough and fever. He did not get even the simple care from the village area and he was pass way in the way to hospital. There are also other facilities easily and shortly available in the urban area.

There are lot of advantages and disadvantages to live in urban and as well as to live rural area. But in my view the advantages in the urban area overweigh the disadvantages and also have the lot of other benefit in urban area. Definitely peace environment, less pollution , friendly and social neighbors are need to be consider in the urban life.

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