Updated Search Engine

Hello Slava

You have really solved a very big problem! Bravo, bravo! :smiley: :lol: Now, I do not have to keep hard copies of the posts!

Thank the good Lord


PS I remember using the word ‘grandmother’ in one of my posts some months ago. Other than that I remembered nothing at all. And up until now I was pretty sure that the the search engine would not find that post…but it did! :shock: :shock:

Dear Tom,

Please search for nothing all once again.


Thanks a lot, Slava, for the facility!

(Слава to Slava! :))

Tom, I’ve found three your posts (by using ‘grandmother’ as a keyword and ‘Tom’ as an author).

Many thanks Tamara and Tom,

Please try again, the search engine must find nothing at all now. (I mean the phrase, of course :-)). Let me know if it works correctly now.


Hi Slava

With nothing at all as a sought phrase (Search for all terms) and other options ‘by default’, it gives two Tom’s posts with the phrase, my and your posts from this thread :), [color=blue]plus 10 (unwanted) pages with posts in which ‘nothing’, ‘at’, and ‘all’ are used as a separate words.

If this is what you call ‘correctly’, then yes - it works ‘correctly’…


Hi Tamara,

Our forum search software is not Google’s search engine!
The phrase “nothing at all” can’t be find, only as separate words :frowning:
Sorry… :evil:


Many thanks, Slava!

Hi Slava

I think you confused my sentence…It was a negative sentence not a positive one. I meant to say that in that particular thread I remembered only one word and that word was ‘grandmother’. Besides that word I remembered nothing (at all)! Means simply nothing. And I think you thought that I remembered only one phrase in my thread and that was “nothing at all”!!! :smiley:

Do we agree???


Sure we do, Tom!