until or as far as?

Is it correct to say :

I’ll drive you [color=red]until the next station or I’ll drive you [color=red]as far as the next station

Can the preposition ‘until’ be used for distance?

Why is acceptable to say ‘You can stay on the bus [color=red]until the next stop’ (until you reach the next stop)?

“as far as” is OK. “until” is intelligible, and you may hear it used like this, but it is not quite correct in my opinion.

This seems acceptable. I think it’s because in this sentence “the next stop” can more naturally refer to the time when something happens.


‘I’ll drive you until …’ clearly means that I will do the driving to the next station. It is not the distance that you are referring to. For that you would need ‘as far as’. Again ‘until you reach’ would be better.