University should give scholarship only depanding on student's academic backgroun

I aver disagree on the statement
“University should give scholarship only depending on student’s academic background”.
For the beneath reason i can’t support this statement.

At first, any scholarship should be given depending on student’s natural talent and his financial condition.The natural talent of a student’s can’t evaluate only depending on academic background, it requires to evaluate some out academic activities.

secondly, the academic result varies universities to universities or country to country.
For example, a student of one university holding cgpa 3.5 may get 3.75 on the other university. so same academic background doesn’t show the same merit.

Thirdly, to selecting the scholarship criteria student’s financial condition should be emphasized.The condition when the two students having approximately same academic background but their financial condition are difference, then scholarship should give the student having low financial condition.

Finally , the students with extra curricular activities should get priority for getting scholarship.from the previous explanations we can decide that identical academic background doesn’t express the same talents . so we can conclude with the statement:
University shouldn’t give scholarship only depending on student’s academic background and it requires further evaluation.

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Hey, sayem, nice to see you.
Your ideas were clear, and I think the general organization is good.
Next time, try to enrich your expressions; as well as try to avoid grammar mistakes.
You can do better!(:slight_smile:)