University athletic departments should receive the same amount of funding

There is a controversy about whether universities should invest same amount of money in their sport facilities and libraries. Some people maybe argue that athletic departments are important as academic facilities in that physical heath is the most important factor. However, I strongly support that libraries are more important than sport facilities.

To start with, almost all universities have interesting in their students to find a job and they concentrate on investing academic facilities. It is obvious that the most important value at the university is supporting their students to get a satisfactory position in companies. In this reason, universities have to fund a lot of money to their libraries facilities. According to a report of Korea education ministry, it is reported that most of the university students think that academic facilities are really essential construction in their university also sport activities are confined a few students who engaged a professional athletic. As a result, I consider that university should invest their money in academic facilities rather than sport facilities.

In addition, most universities have insufficient academic facilities. Therefore, universities have to focus on their libraries facilities before disperse their investment money. For instance, when I was university student, I could not catch the library position when the university announced annual test season, because my university not enough to study location. Therefore, many students required to the university to increase academic facilities in order to study more efficiently. The university had a plan to improve athletic facilities, but it is changed to establish academic facilities. Consequently, almost all students ratified the university’s decision, after many students were earned a lot of advantages. In this sense, it is desirable that universities should invest their academic facilities.

In conclusion, it is said that a sound body in a sound mind. I agree with this maxim. However, as I have mentioned about importance of academic facilities, university, the highest education institute should ponder carefully more integral value both sport facilities and academic facilities.

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