universities should offer courses in their countrys most common language.

university study stands always important part in ones career.university is a place where we study,gain knowledge in various aspects,apart from subject.If universities offer courses in their own language,i would totally disagree with that policy.In my view the ploicy would be a postive aspect in university point of view,but negative in student for two important reasons.
university if offer course in their own language means it is offering no broad knowledge for students.if a student restricted in gaining knowledge in his own language there is no perspective for him in acquring knowledge when he is doing research or working on thesis on a topic because he will not know what kind of discoveries and inventions happening in modern world in different parts of country which when happened will release in their own language mostly.for example in a country like china many people though in their advanced studie like medicene and engineering do not know english and there by they only know basic local theraphies which their natives taught them.as u can see there wont be a broad aplication of knowledge.
another reason is that communication problem.if a student doesnt know other language in depth he may have problems in communcating,when ever he gets a chance to visit other country,on company meetings or on business tour.for example my friend had a chance to visit america as a reprensentative from his company .but he had problem of language as he cannot speak english fluently.
in sum unvesities should offer courses not only in their own languages but also other.not only will broadens knowledge but also,helps in communication.so university should think in student perspective and offer courses in different languages apart from native language.

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Hi, I thought this was an improvement from you previous essay, but please please put a space after every period and capitalize the first word of every sentences. I think you addressed the prompt pretty well, thought the prompt itself is a bit confusing to me. I don’t know if it is talking about offering foreign language courses or teaching every course in a non-native language, like having an English university in China. You could have detailed which of these options you were assuming, but I don’t think you did this very well. It was confusing to me what “offer courses in their own language” meant - who is “their”? Besides that, your writing was pretty clear, though your lack of capital letters made it a little tough to read. You also had quite a few minor grammatical errors and some mistakes in usage and sentence construction. Overall, I would rate this a 3 out of 5.