Universities should give the same amount of money to sports activities as they

A recent survey, conducted by University Grants Commission, has revealed a startling truth that universities are allocating, on an average, only 5% of their annual budget towards physical education. This truth clearly underlines the ignorant attitude of universities towards sports.
Few days ago, on the eve of TEACHER’S DAY, Mr. President, told that “Universities are sacred Temples of our society”. He also emphasized the importance of universities in building a healthy society, in which people are not only intelligent but also healthy. HOWEVER the question is how a university can be instrumental in building a healthy society by allocating so little to physical education. Are the Univ.Administrators under the impression that physical education is not important to their students?
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” .Essence of this proverb is highly significant in today’s scenario. Sports are one of the best stress busters’ .After a hectic and stressful day of classes, assignments, lab work and tests, playing a sport in the evening will help students to relax.
Regular participation in a sport will help the students to maintain their fitness levels and keep themselves active. A study conducted by a group of scientists, has revealed the strong correlation between a student’s performance in the exams and his regular participation in games.
Those students who played games regularly have performed better than those who didn’t play any kind of games. Scientists have concluded that not only the technical knowledge but also the ability to manage stress & maintain fitness levels are key factors which will affect a student’s performance in an exam.
Sometimes, sports and sports arena act as a base which helps students to understand the essence of what they have learned in their classes. By participating in a sport, they learn how to manage the pressure and stress, how important it is to play as a team, how to lead a team .They also learn the importance of decision making and self belief. I strongly feel that Sports arena is a better place than a class room to experience such things.

While it is true that libraries are instrumental in imparting the technical knowledge to students, importance of a sport in a student’s life cannot be underrated. Hence universities should give due importance to sports & allocate adequate budgets for sports development.

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