unit 5 personal profiles

HI EVERYONE!!HI TORSTON!!! Thank you for your e-mails!!!
My name is ESTELA, and I’m from Argentina, but now, and since six years I’m living in USA, I understand each day more the English lenguaje, but grammer is realy complicated for me. :oops: Sorry about my poor message y tanks again for be my friends. Love…ESTELA

Dear Torsten,

thanks a lot again for all the interesting tests and nice letters you sent me. I found them extremally useful and really enjoyed doing them. I’ve started feeling myself more confident. Unfortunately, once I was in a hurry and clicked “Stop watching this topic link”
by accident. What should I do to start receiving your letters again?

Best regards

Hi Estela,

Thank you for your post!

Here you can take tests to work on your grammar.



Hi nataliru,

Torsten has gone on a two week holiday, but I see what I can do.

Take care,


Dear Ralf

Thanks a lot for your kind attention

Kindest regards


Hi, I am Yul. I am from Indonesia. I like using English but no friends in my hometown use it.so I can not practice my English even I study it for long time. Can you solve my problems. thx