unappealing aspiration

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The true-to-selfers, by contrast, stuck to behaviors and styles that worked for them in the past. They sought to prove their competence by demonstrating technical mastery, citing their reliance on “substance rather than form.” Often, they concluded that some of their successful seniors were “all talk and little content”—an unappealing aspiration for people whose professional identity was founded on their analytic wizardry. They believed that technical mastery was a more authentic strategy than that of their chameleon counterparts and was thus it a source of pride. But the clients wanted more than a great analysis or the “right answer”; they sought a personal connection and a point of view on their business. After a while, the true-to-selfers’ seniors concluded that the true-to-selfers were just not getting it, and so the mentors in-vested less time in helping this group learn. Not surprisingly, the true-to-selfers’ learning curve was slower.

Does “aspiration” mean “unattractive image” here?

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They do not wish to be like their seniors.

an unappealing ambition for achievement.

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