Unable to understand english

I know so many words in Englishand i have cleared GRE and toefl exams nowadays i am pursuing Master’s degree in Civil Engineering in USA. I think people(Americans ) understand me very well but i have a very big problem whenever i read something in english i never able to understand the meaning of sentence. Please let meknow how come i get rid of this problem


Hi Smartlearner,

Many thanks for taking part in our discussions. You have asked an interesting question and I’m sure there is an answer to it. However, we would need a bit more information about you and your habits so we can make proposals as to what you shoul do.
Could you please tell us what kind of texts you read in your mother tongue and how often? Have you ever tried reading simple short stories in English? You have taken the TOEFL and even the GRE so your level of English is advanced. Now we have to find out why you think that you have difficulties in understanding the meaning of English sentences. Also, if you live in the US you probably have friends who are going to support you. Ask them to communicate with you in writing - via email, SMS or Internet. Bring them on to our forum and we can all practise our written English.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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First I would like to thank you for helping me in overcome this problem. The main problem is that i never read books i tried to understand each and everything numerically and the other thing whenever i read a sentence i feel that my mind is not able to read that sentence but my eyes are reading.

That makes me feel awkward when you are reading something but your mind is not able to grasp those things.

I started my preparation of GRE and Toefl with reading novels and newspapers but i think i understand the meaning but when it comes to read books related to my research area (which i want to learn) its hard as i am not able to understand lucidly to the author.

So If you think is there any way to resolve this problem then i will be grateful to you.



Hi Smartlearner,

As far as I can tell by the way you express your thoughts have achieved a good level of reading comprehension. You say you that you read newspapers and novels and it is quite obvious that you understant a lot of the sentences in those texts because they cover more general subjects. However, when you try to read scientific materials you are experiences some difficulties in digesting all the information contained in those documents. hat is, it seems like there is a new idea in every sentence and every paragraph. This can make for slow reading since it’s generally quite important that you understand each idea before moving on to the next idea. It could very well be that if a person whose mother tongue is English would have the same difficulties reading the text you are having trouble comprehending.
Could you please tell me what subject you want to study at university? That will make it easier for me to get an idea as what steps we can take together to develop your reading skills.
Talk to you soon,

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Dear SmartLearner,

Let’s what we can do together in order to improve your situation. How about chaning your name into something positive? Your subconscious mind needs valuable and useful input rather than negative signals. You can achieve anything you want as long as you take the right steps:

  • define your goals as precisely as possible
  • design an action plan
  • carry out our plan

You say that you want to improve your language as well as your management skills. Could you please tell us more about your Master degree program? I take it you want to obtain your degree as fast as possible? If you don’t have enough time to read books why not purchase audio materials? You can have CD’s play in the background while you are doing other things at home or while you are in the bus or car.
What do you think of this idea?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Torsten

Yeah I like your idea. Ok I would like to to tell you frankly why I am lacking in English… I love to do studies but i don’t know whenever I decided to go for books/ studies I always feel this thing that I am not concentrating on the topic very well. That makes me bad and the other thing which I explained you earlier I feel this that my eyes are reading all those words but my mind is still not able to communicate with my eyes I don’t know why i feel soo. See I would like to capture each and everything related to Civil Engineering and I think you can help me in doing this… And I am doing master’s in Structural Engineering which deals with the bridges, buildings and other construction amenities. Sorry to disturb you Please bear with me and give me a great idea for a great success.

Hi SmartLearner,

Yes it has been a while since we’ve talked. How are you getting on with your master degree program? I understand your difficulties with reading and comprehending texts and one of the solutions could be to do more listening. Have you tried to get audio books on your subjects of interest? Listening is an activity that uses the potentials of your subconscious mind. Also, when you read a text and you encounter new words, you don’t know how to pronounce them. Even if you are not reading aloud you still try to pronounce the word correctly. This slows you down and makes your learning process more difficult. However, when you listen to an audio book your mind is acting like a radio: It receives information which is stored in your brain. So, the first step for you could be to find appropriate audio materials and start listening to them. Even better if the audio books you purchase come with the tapescript so you can go back and look up words that might be new to you. Or you can even do both - listen and read at the same time.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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