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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Schools should use electronic books(e-books) instead of printed paper books.

Nowadays, there were many breakthroughs of electronic devices, such as smart phones. People tried to do a lot of works, that were done by their own hands, with the devices. However, there are some that is not turned electronically, like textbooks. I think that it is fair to use e-books rather than use printed textbooks.

First and foremost, using e-books is faster and more convenient. By using them, we could reduce time spent on unnecessary work like finding the part that should be started. This can also help students’ bags be lighter, which makes them more comfortable. The flow of the class will be faster since they could find information easier. Let’s say that you are in class of a subject. The teacher opens the paper book and asks ‘Where should we start?’ and we find out about it. This is really useless part of the class.

Moreover, multitasking could be done by using e-books. When you have simple question like definition of a word, you do not need to ask but search the Internet while you are taking class. This could result in time-saving effect. In addition, if you have a question with your private situation that should not be spread by others, it is more comfortable to ask to your teacher. For example, let’s say that when you are listening to the lecture and you got an e-mail by multitasking that one of your relative is dead. Then you can just send private message to your teacher and he or she can get your message without having anyone else to know.

To conclude, I think that schools should change to using electronic textbooks instead of original paper books. This will be an efficient policy for both teachers and students.

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Hi, your essay is not too bad, although quite a few of your sentences sound a little bit unnatural. You also have some problems with grammar and verb tenses. I thought your first body paragraph was a bit better than your second. An e-book is a lot different from a cell phone - I don’t think you would send a message about a dead relative to your professor with it. Besides, if you needed to, you could just send a text message, regardless of whether you are using a printed book or not. I think e-books might be a lot cheaper for the school, use less natural resources, and be easier logistically to get the proper books to every student. Overall, I would rate this a 3 out of 5.

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Has TV destroyed communication?
Nowadays, there are some argument which cite several phenomenon are leading to the corruption of the interpersonal communities. In this standpoint many have mentioned the TV as such an existance. However, some researches conducted in this ground have shown that the effect of TV on the social communication is depend on how we use it and how much time an individual spend on watching TV.
To begin with, the way of usage of TV and the purpose of it have a significant effect on the social interactions.To put it differently, different TV channels have various kinds of programs which if have been taken into the consideration, an individual would learn considerable and valuable information which can help to make a better and more efficient communications with other people. In contrary, if a person trend to watch a movie, for example, just as filling the time it can disturb the communication since s/he can spend that time making a conversation with his peers or other member of family. In short, the goal of using the media such as TV play a significant role defining whether or not such media disturb the communications.
In addition to the way of usage, the time which a person spend watching TV is crucial. Considering a person who spend most of his time watching TV demonstrates that the person has no more time in order to make enough conversation with the people around him.In this situatin, it is clear that TV will collaps the communication entirely. On the other side of the coin, if an individual dedicate the sufficient time on watching TV, not only it couldn’t destroy the communication but also it would be beneficial in the case that the person learns how to initiate a communication, how to continue it, and how to keep it not to be destroyed. In brief, the time which people dedicate watching TV plays an important role in disturbing or improving the communications.
All in all,as it has been seen, one can not mention the TV as a disturbing tool of communications definitly. To put it more simply, the aim and also the amount of time spending watching TV are the most two factors which can define whether the watching TV destroy the communication or not.

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