Two sentences (I know how poor is your family; poor your family is)

I know how poor is your family

I know how poor your family is

Is there any difference in meaning? And why it’s possible to use both of these sentences?
In 2nd the predicate goes at the end but in the 1st it follows the adjective :expressionless: i don’t understand it :confused:

Hi michauek

I’d say that you should not use the first sentence.
That is not standard usage.

Who told you that you could use the first sentence?

i see. I thought it was right… :confused:

I saw it somwhere I don’t know where. Probably in the Inthernet :confused:


You probably care to take a gander at this post

I’d like to point out that how poor is your family is a question but your sentence is not an interrogative one :wink: