TV Programs (please check my essay)

[size=150]Do you think that television programs, movies and video games influence young people’s behavior? [/size]

Nowadays television is very important in all over the world. In every part of the world people spend their time infront of the television. Some people think that watching television and video games influence the young people. I agree with them and I would like to add that this activity influences not only the young but also every people. It is not good for people because it spends much time, affects personality of adults and declines the improvement of creativity of human imagine. I will explain my reasons with the following reasons.

First of all, I believe that there are many beneficial activities that people should do instead of watching television or playing video games. In my country many people watch television so much. They follow every serials. I do not want them to spent more than 2 hours watching television. Besides time problems there are also health problems. Wacthing televion is very harmful for eyes and sitting a lot influences backbone of people. These problems occur especially in children and the old. Thus, I mention that walking in an open area is more beneficial than this activity. As you know walking is a type of sport and have a lot of advantages. Every doctor advices to take a pedestrian tour daily.

Furthermore, I thrust that watching television affects the personality of adults. For example, when they watch a movie and approve the characteristic of any artist, they begin to act like this artist. Besides, when they follow other series, and like another actor, they begin to take this actor’s characteristics. They do not think about their own behaviour. So it prevent the development of personality. At the result they cannot understant which characteristics is good and which they should tend to learn. I think people, especially adults should read books. Reading book can compasinate the disadvantages of watching television a lot. When people read a book, they think and imagine. Thus it is very good for improving the creativity and imagination.

To sum up, I would like to emphasize that people should tend to decrease the time that they watch television or play game. I think television is only for spending time. It does not have any advantages. The programs and movies are not useful for anybody. Thus I plan that I will not buy a television when I live seperately with my family.

PS: I do not know I really answer the question. Please comment about it

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I agree that you did not really answer the question. The question is not about whether tv is bad or good, only about whether it affects the behaviour of young children. Then you go on to expand the topic to include adults, which is not mentioned in the essay prompt. You could mention this briefly in the introduction, or preferably in the conclusion, but the bulk of your essay should be about children only. A thesis could be. " I think it is true that television, movies, and video games affect young people’s behavior by reducing the amount of exercise they get, weakening their imaginations, and making them more violent."