TV Programme, show, broadcast, channel

Dear Coaches,
I will appreciate it very much if you modify the sentences below in the right order and provide me with some more examples on this TV programmes/ broadcast/ channel things. Thanks.

  1. Turn on the TV and watch CNN at/on channel four.
  2. An interesting movie is being shown on/ at TV …
  3. My dad is watching morning news on the TV. (where to put BBC).
    … BBC news on …

Thanks to you very much for your assistance.


In my opinion:

  1. Turn on the TV and watch CNN on Channel Four.

  2. An interesting movie is being shown on TV.

  3. My dad is watching the BBC morning news on the TV. (I think that “the” is OK if you are referring to the TV set.)

a. Compare:

i. My dad gets his news from the BBC on the radio. (Americans usually use “the” with radio. It refers to the medium of communication, not necessarily a radio set.)

ii. My dad gets his news from the BBC on TV. (No “the” because we are referring to a medium of communication.)


Thank you so much for your assistance. I am clear about your explanations.


Are the examples below grammatical?

  1. A program named " SMS&MORE" is broadcast live on “Image Channel” from 3:05pm to 3:55pm every day.

  2. Nepal Television (NTV) broadcasts a funny serial “XYZ” from 9 pm to 9:30 pm every Monday.

  3. b. A funny serial XYZ is broadcast on NTV every Monday from 9:00 pm to 9:35 pm.

  4. I love watching WWE that is broadcast on “Ten Sports” everyday.

  5. I watched the school shooting news on the FoxNews last night.
    I have been following the developing stories of that incident since this morning on CNN.


In my opinion, you did an excellent job.

I have made my suggested changes in your four sentences.

Because I am an old man, I still prefer “2 p.m.” I think, however, that nowadays “2 pm” is OK.

Thank you so much.

Dear James,

“A funny serial” is somewhat similar to “the comedy serial”. Will I be wrong in saying this? Thank you once again for the help.


Great question! I shall leave that to someone who is better qualified than I to answer.


Thanks a lot to you for your concern about my English. Indeed, you are better qualified than me (I am) and many other language “Gurus”.


PS: Are you really 70+ years old? I don’t think so. Please don’t mind me asking this question.


I am 75 and nine months old. No, I do not mind your asking this question. I am thankful that I have been able to reach this age. I am retired, so I do not care that people know my age. But many people who are still working do not want to tell their ages. Many times a boss will not give jobs to older people. So nowadays many women (and men!) dye their hair and have wrinkles removed from their faces. The younger you look, the better your chance of getting a good job.

If no one answers your “funny” vs. “comedy” serial question, you may wish to start a new thread with just that one question.


Thanks for writing back. It’s OK as far as “funny” vs “comedy” is concerned. I am not going to bother any one with this.