TV or The TV?


Which one is correct?

1- There is a beautiful movie going on TV.
2- There is a beautiful movie going on the TV.



Hi Tom

I’d say
“There is a beautiful movie on TV.”
“There is a lot of dust on the TV.” (e.g.)

(I don’t like the use of “go” in your sentence very much.)


Tellies not only have a malicious way of attracting dust, they also manage to turn the darned thing black. Grr!!

Sometimes you can use “the TV” in place of “TV” for the images being received.

[color=darkblue]“You’ve been watching the TV too long! Get off your duff and go outside!”

You can make that statement with or without the word “the”, but for some reason using “the” conveys more anger.

Could anyone shed some more light on the statement? Should I understand that whenever I have to put stress in my sentence, I can use The with T.V?


Hi Tom

Generally speaking, you wouldn’t use the when you refer to the images (on TV) rather than to the TV as a thing.

In order to be able to properly answer your question, it would be better if you wrote your own sentence(s) illustrating what you understand “stress” to be. :wink:


Did you see the boat race on (the) television?
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English, 1974

What’s on (the) TV this evening?
There’s an interesting play on (the) television.
A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language, 1985