turn to the left vs. turn on the left

my question always was " turn to the left or turn on the left" pls help me :idea:

I’d say ‘turn to the left’…

hi pamela thanks for ur reply …yes it’s better to turn to right instead of turning to left :slight_smile:

Right you are. :wink: :lol:

could somebody help me with this text…i find something it’s not correct …pls tell me if u find any mistakes …so here it is : " from the point of view of child’s behaviour trabquility i would say that Butterflies resembles to the story of …


My take: …butterflies resemble the story …

I have made suggestions above for corrections in the beginning of you post.

I have made a few suggestions in the quote above. However, the sentence is not complete. The story of what?

Are you referring to something such as a book or a movie entitled “Butterflies”, or are you referring generally to the insects known as butterflies?