"tubectomy" vs "lumpectomy"

What can be the difference between the lexicon “[color=violet][size=150]tube top[/size]” and “[color=red][size=150]boob tube[/size]” which are supposed to be togs?

Have they possibly got anything to do with those which are [color=blue][size=150]“tubectomy”[/size] and [color=green][size=150]“lumpectomy”[/size]?

Nope, I have not yet tried it out.

Fimbriae, good morning.

I know from your postings that you are an educated person.

You should realise that from the educational aspects of our non-native readers, that it would be better to refrain from slang and chatroom-talk.

Thanks, Kitos.

ps. I am not a teacher, but I do my best to help. Please help me, and the teachers.