“the coil has a self-inductance owing to slot leakage.”
what is the meaning?
example with underlined part please.

because of.

The concert was cancelled owing to the poor ticket sales.

Hell everybody.

could you tell me?what is the meaning of"Hampstead Heath"or translate it please

It’s the name of a place, but it is also cockney rhyming slang for ‘teeth’, so its meaning is dictated by the context.

thank you very much!

Their piety was expressed in quotidian behavior: they worshipped regularly, according all the regenerative processes of nature respect, and even awe.
what is the meaning of the underlined parts in the above sentence.

if there is any difficulty to answer my question then let me know it please.

Here according means giving. Now I think you will understand it better.

T.H. Lawrence:
Many Many thanks.


Bev, do you use/accept the following version in the UK?

The concert was cancelled due to the poor ticket sales.

Yes, ‘owing to’ and ‘due to’ can be synonymous.

He worshipped the very ground the old man limped on.
What is the meaning of the above sentence?

“I worship the ground you walk on” means “I admire you very much”. Literally it means that you are so wonderful and holy that you make anything you touch holy and special as well.